Studio Classes

Axios Shotokan Karate Club
Private class open to the general public. Please email or call 07944483410.


Body Tone
Class focusing on toning and fat loss using resistance training, with dumbbells, kettlebells etc. Burn a ton of calories and watch your strength increase with every class. Learn new techniques and methods to help you achieve your goals! Open to everyone& anyone!


Boxercise has developed and adapted age old boxing training principles to form a fun, addictive, safe, stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability. No need for your own equipment ( although inner gloves or hand wraps are desired) just come along and have one of the best calorie burning classes on our timetable


Calisthenics Class
Transform your body using the original means of exercise – body weight training. Sculpting a powerful, toned, athletic physique is the objective of this class. Designed for maximum results in the shortest amount of time, calisthenics training will give you balanced development, improved strength and help you shed body fat.


Cardio Power
A fast moving high intensity cardio workout including body weight exercises. A high calorie burner to improve cardio fitness and all over body tone.


Cardio Suspension Training
A great way to ignite the fire in your cardio training, while defying gravity, is with the use of a suspension workout system.


Major muscle groups are targeted and challenged in this tough circuit. Not much choreography to contend with so suitable for even the most uncoordinated!


Esher Ballet School
Esher Ballet School Pre School Ballet classes for 3-4 year olds. Creative and fun ballet classes to capture your childs imagination and love for dance. Please contact Rebecca Howell 07984447271 or email


Fight Fit
One-of-a-kind class where you’ll learn basic MMA skills. The class includes cardio calisthenics: punch, kick, knee,
and elbow strikes; sprawls; grounded bags; bag work, and core strengthening exercises. All abilities welcome.


Functional Circuits
Based in the gym functional studio, the circuit of exercises resembles activities you make every day. You’ll be moving in every direction, combining moves like lunges and presses to involve the whole body and lifting loads that produce growth. You can do this program as long as you want—no matter your level.


HIIT Class
High intensity interval training. 1 minute intervals of high intensity cardio routines followed by all over body conditioning focusing the core.


Legs, Bums & Tums
Great conditioning class for all the areas ladies like to target! Monday’s circuit class is all the great stuff, without the choreography – suitable for chaps!


Olympic Weights Class


A very safe and effective form of exercise, which teaches you how to strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the trunk making it ideal for the prevention and treatment of back problems. Pilates is sold in courses usually of 6-8 weeks. Prices range depending on membership. Please enquire at reception for details.

Beginner’s course dates:
Wednesday 4th January 11.20am for 6 weeks
Thursday 5th January 6.00-7.00pm for 6 weeks

Members to correct membership time £22.50
Non Members £75


An all over body weights workout to strengthen tone and sculpt your body, perfect for both ladies and gents!


Shape & Sculpt
This 45minute workout is all about your core. It is mainly bodyweight based but may also include; exercises on the
stability ball, kettlebells and steps. Get ready to feel the burn!


Shokokan Karate
Private class – please contact 0845 508 9491 or email for more information.


This class is based on speed, stamina, agility and co-ordination. It’s a good introduction to squash and is a great
way to tone up at the same time. Burn up to 800 Kcal per hour! All abilities welcome, even complete beginners.


Stretch / Mobility
During this session, you will relax and get some length back into those tight muscles using a series of stretches and mobility drills to make you feel ten feet tall.


Suspension for Beginners
Because you’re using your own body weight, and controlling the angles and movements yourself, this type of exercise is great for beginners new to the gym.


Total Body Workout
All over fitness – burn calories by increasing your heart rate, and tone all major muscle groups, with band, hand weights and body weight. Great all rounder.


Ski Fitness Circuits
Prepare for your snow holiday by building up your strength and stamina in our specialised class.


Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing style of yoga with emphasis on the breath and moving with the breath. To build strength, flexibility and
encourage relaxation and a release of tension, de stressing mind and body.


A session based upon stretch, balance, relaxation, and strength.


Zumba fitness class is a very exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music. You’ll forget you’re working out with the fun but simple moves to dance music like Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, pop and more. Best of all, you don’t need any previous dance experience!

It’s fun and effective, using interval training combining fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout while at the same time targeting your legs, abs, glutes and arms.

The workout is basically watch and follow. The moves repeated often enough for you to catch on and they’re not complicated. The routines are repeated week after week with additions every now and then to spice things up even more!


Tai Chi
A Chinese martial art that incorporates movement and relaxation — is good for both body and mind. In fact, it’s been called “meditation in motion.” Tai chi is made up of a series of graceful movements, one transitioning smoothly into the next. Because the classes are offered at various levels, tai chi is accessible, and valuable, for people of all ages and fitness levels. “It’s particularly good for older people because balance is an important component of fitness, and balance is something we lose as we get older”. Contact Michael through the website for information.