Party on the Deck

For those of you that came, I’m sure you’ll agree it was a great night- food, drinks and music, what’s not to like?

We started the night off by hosting a squash doubles tournament, which got very competitive. Bell ringers and whistle blowers were half concentrating, half drinking their glasses of wine which were more like pint glasses – needless to say it wasn’t long before we got a telling off! Thanks to all those that participated, and a special well done to the winners of our doubles tournaments; Charles and Dan, James and Tony, Geoff and Roy- Congratulations!

This was followed by some delicious catering from none other than Hot Rocks Catering, our trusted favourites. Chicken skewers, burgers, sausage, you name it they had it (we ate way too much as usual!). We went for a halloumi chicken wrap and chips, although all the choices looked so good, it was hard to choose.

We spent the remainder of the night socialising with our members and enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace whilst watching the sun set over the racecourse- who said you have to go abroad to find paradise?