Sandown Sports does Sport Relief

This year we are getting involved in Sport Relief, who raise money to tackle critical issues affecting people across the UK and the world. Sport Relief runs from 17th – 23rd March, and Sandown Sports has a variety of activities for you to get involved in.


Activities to get Involved in:

Saturday 17th March-Friday 23rd March: Can we get from Sandown to Paris:

Join us in the gym on a range of cardio equipment to see if we can get from Sandown to Paris!

Saturday 17th March: Sandown Squash invitational Sport Relief Tournament.

15 clubs will be invited to play in a 1 day timed squash tournament. Each team will have to donate £50 (10 per player) to participate. Silly shirts, red noses and lots of fun!

Sunday 18th March: Skywalk up Mount Everest!

See if we can get a combined Skywalk length as climbing Mount Everest- that’s 70 laps of Skywalk all together! Can we do it? 12-2pm, £15 per child, £20 per adult.

Click here to find out more about the Skywalk Event

Monday 19th March: Cycle-athon with Maddy Bard, 6-8pm

Ride 1: Rock it til you drop workout.. Bruce Springsteen, Queen , Bon Jovi, Status quo (A superb club ride through the 80’s classic rock artist Bring your singing voices and attitude!)
Ride 2 cheesy pop hiit it workout.. Brittany, Kylie, Rick Astley, Madonna , S Club 7 (An Entertaining club ride through the big hairdo and shoulder pad era!.. dress up and pop it up!!)

Tuesday 20th March:

Boxercise for Sport relief with Kerry. From 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 21st March:Ski From Sandown to Glasgow

Our ladies morning skiiers will attempt 354 laps of our main slope 10am-12pm

Cha-cha slide plank challenge with Alex Rogers!

Taking place within the Cardio Power class. 6.30-7.15 Pm

Thursday 22nd March: Quiz Night!

8 rounds, teams of up to 5 people. £10 entry per team, all entry fees go to Sport Relief. Click here to read more