Best Gadgets For Fitness Lovers in 2019

FitBit Versa Smartwatch - Best Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m sure by now you’ve got all your presents ready and wrapped under the tree right? Yeah I didn’t think so, if you’re anything like our gym team here at Sandown, you’ll be rushing around on Christmas eve wondering what went wrong!

Fear not though, we are here to make you all better people by giving you our recommendation for the top 5 Christmas gadgets any fitness enthusiast will LOVE! From watches, headphones to recovery tools we have you covered, all you have to do is buy it! You can thank us later when you come in by the way!

FitBit Versa Smartwatch

1) FitBit Versa Smartwatch – £149.99

Everyone seems to have a smartwatch these days and for good reason. They can track your steps, integrate with your fitness apps and even track your sleep. If you’re going to get a smartwatch though, you might as well get the best and that would (of course) be the FitBit Versa.

The FitBit Versa is your one stop shop for all things health, fitness and life tracking. It has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, app integration so you can reply to messages and even has guided breathing sessions to help you unwind and relax.

It also has a speciality female health tracking feature to track your cycle and make sure all aspects of your body are healthy. It can connect to your phones GPS so you can pace, track and log your runs, cycles and walks!

It really is all things to all fitness tracking and it’s got loads of customisation options so you don’t have to be boring. With a battery life of 4-days you won’t need to constantly put it on charge or worry about it dying on you.

2) Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – £699.99

If fitness is more than just a hobby to you and you want your watch to be able to guide training decisions and help you achieve your peak in physical fitness (and have a bit more cash to splash this Christmas) then the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro should be at the top of your list.

Obviously it does the usual stuff like heart rate, steps and sleep but let me list just SOME of the features of this watch (I hope you’re ready): sports apps to plan workouts, 2,000 pre-loaded ski resorts to track your performance on, body energy monitor using heart rate variability to tell you when you’re most active and when you need rest (Sandown Sports HYPE feature right there), access to global navigation system services, round trip routing, turn by turn navigation and a WHOLE load more. Oh, and 14-days battery life!

You know that old saying if you’re going to do something then do it properly? Yeah, this is doing it properly! It’s also got loads of customisation options to really make it your own.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

3) Jabra Elite Headphones – £149.99

Apple Earpods are all the rage at the moment but they’re just a bit lacking if you’re all about fitness. The Jabra Elite Headphones allow you to optimise your training through the heart rate monitor (yes from in your ear), rep counter, speed and cadence monitor and recovery advisor tool. This is all done from within the Jabra Sport Life App you get with it.

If you’re worried about sweating whilst wearing them, don’t be! The Jabra Elite Headphones are waterproof and come with a 3-year unlimited warranty against sweat damage so you’re all covered. They also come with an on/off noise cancelling feature so when you’re in the gym you can turn it on and be in your own zone but then have it off for when you’re crossing the road. The charging case provides you with 13.5 hours of charge and the headphones themselves have 4.5 hours of charge to keep you going throughout your workout.

4) Beast Sensor – £279.00

If you are anything like the PT team here at Sandown then you will love having data to show you how you performed in your work out. Have you ever had one of those days when you feel awful but have a great workout and then feel great but just can’t shift any weight in the gym? The beast sensor utilises principle of Velocity Based Training (how fast you are moving the weights) to allow you to break away from fixed sets and reps and to optimise the amount you lift each session.

No more do you have to write everything down, you can track all your loading in the app and build your athletic profile all through wearing one simple sensor on your wrist!

Theragun G3

5) Theragun G3 – £375

Being able to recover from workouts is just as important as the energy you put into the workouts themselves. Forget about booking into expensive sports massage sessions each week when you can have the ultimate recovery tool at home.

The Theragun is a percussive recovery tool that allows you to release muscle tension and tightness, accelerate your warm ups and relieve pain when you want it and need it most.

It comes with multiple attachments and is fully adjustable to allow you to get to all those hard to reach areas. It even comes with an app to take you through guided treatments!

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