Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy Food Swaps Cookies

We all know that around the festive period, unhealthy foods seem to be unavoidable, be it snacks, puddings or the long awaited meal on Christmas day!

That’s why we’ve put together a few healthy food swaps ideas of how you can help keep the calories down this Christmas….


In a celebrations tub there is a massive 3,200 calories to be had! Now hopefully you’re not going to be having one of those to yourself in one sitting, but, even if you’re just picking, they can add up big time.

Here are a couple of options of healthy food swaps for a healthier sweet treat instead.

Chocolate filled raspberries ridiculously quick and easy to make, and just two simple ingredients- raspberries, and Dark chocolate! Here’s a link with a step by step for making this low calorie snack.

Coconut chocolate balls. These all natural, no hidden bad stuff balls are a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth without overindulging. And once again super easy, no bake. Recipe here.

Chocolate and banana cookies. Not only with these will you be keeping the fats and sugar down, you’ll be getting in the protein, making for a good post workout snack also! These sugar free, naturally sweetened treats will be enjoyed by everyone!


Now these are really simple swaps that can make a big difference. Even small things like swapping cheese swirls for bread sticks, crisps for carrot and cucumber sticks and dips like guacamole and hummus for the homemade equivalent, all add up massively to take a chunk out of our calorie input. Not to mention the bonus of feeling much better on not overeating on fatty foods with no nutritional value.


Butter really can be a hidden devil, but at breakfast time try and think about how you can get rid of that butter that might make its way in unknown.

Eggs are a great, high protein breakfast to help you fuel your day, but frying or scrambling may not be the best way. Oils and butter go into that pan when being cooked up, which is completely unneeded. For healthier options, try poaching or boiling the eggs, no added ingredients other than a bit of seasoning!

Next up, Toast! Toast is great, and carbohydrates are an important macro that helps to give you energy, if you’re not already, move over to the wholemeal bread for a low GI bread that releases energy more slowly throughout the day, and to reduce the butter, try some better toppings like salmon, eggs or peanut butter.