Burning Calories? ‘Snow’ problem!

ski erg

We have all heard it before. “This year I am going to get organised”, “this year I’m eating healthy” or “this year I am going to go to the gym every day AND cycle to work”. With the New Year upon us, I thought I could propose a resolution that people could stick to a lot easier than surviving on carrot sticks and Weight Watchers’ protein bars alone – ladies and gentlemen: it’s time to get fit through skiing.

Fit through skiing you say? But skiing isn’t hard work – you’re just going with gravity! That is where you are wrong dear reader! In fact, on average, downhill skiing can burn between 300-600 calories per hour. With the additional factors of the body having to work harder to keep your body warm, and the high altitude rates, you could be looking at around 750 calories being burned during an hour in the Alps. This being said, a few cruisy blues, before heading off for some wiener schnitzel and a pint, isn’t going to make the cut (much to my despair). ‘Light effort skiing’ burns around 250-300 calories, but skiing rigorously with good technique and engaging your muscles by sticking to tight turns and limited breaks can burn 450 – 600 calories.

In order to burn as much as you can, it is important to perfect your technique before hitting the slopes by having a refresher lesson or a recreational ski to get those legs going. In addition, making sure you are getting things right on the slope is important for reducing injury: exercises such as squat jumps, lunges, and crunches will ensure that your knees and core are ready for action to peel off the pounds, whilst also keeping you safe. Why not head into the Gym here at Sandown and jump on the Ski Erg? Perfect for endurance training!

If you really want to take on the ‘body is a temple’ lifestyle, check out the new Vegan Ski Retreat from Ski Beat – With ‘Veganuary’ finally upon us, a Vegan Ski Week could be just the way to combine healthy eating with a fun incentive.

So why not have skiing as your New Year’s Resolution? Not only is it good fun, and a great skill to have, but the season falls perfectly in time to turn a new leaf and start the year as you mean to go on.