11 Workout Tips To Boost Your 2020 Gym Sessions

  1. How do you know you’re picking the right weight for an exercise? If we take 10 reps as an example, if you could comfortably do 12-15 then increase the weight by 2.5-5kg on dumbbells or 5-10kg on barbells. If you could only do 9 or find it a struggle to get to 10 then decrease the weight by the same amount. You should get to 10 reps thinking you MIGHT be able to get 1 more out.
  2. How does your rep scheme affect your desired adaption? 15+ reps is going to improve muscular endurance, this is great for building foundational strength and improve the skill of the movement itself. 8-12 reps is going to improve muscle hypertrophy (or muscle building) whether you want to tone up or pack on the biceps, this is the rep range for you. 1-6 reps is going to improve your max strength. Use this rep scheme if you are looking to improve sport performance or if you want to push your limits.
  3. Don’t forget the back! I know you can’t see the back of your body but it’s the most important part! With daily life causing you to be forward dominant, training more of your back e.g. rows, RDL’s, glute bridges can improve your posture, strength and prevent niggles and aches.
  4. Training frequency over training volume. It is much better to train a smaller whole body workout 3-5 times a week than do the bro-split of chest,arms,back etc. You’re not a bodybuilder.
  5. Fuel for performance. Think of your nutrition and eating habits as fueling your ability to work in the gym, not as something to be heavily restricted and controlled. Maintaining a high protein intake whilst in a calorie deficit can improve muscle architecture whilst helping you lose those stubborn bits of fat.
  6. Be careful what you see on social media. Social media can be a trap-infested maze when it comes to fitness and achieving your goals, always view things with healthy skepticism and ask “Why are they doing that?” then come and ask one of the team!
  7. Setting a goal and working to achieve it can be a daunting task, break the goal into skills you need to gain to achieve that, then break that down into practices you need to do to gain the skill and finally, break that into daily actions (no more than 5 minute actions) that you can do every day to build habits that will feed into all of the above. Goals are like rolling snowballs down hills, starting off small but grow and gather momentum.
  8. There are 3 actions a muscle undergoes when doing exercise. Concentric or shortening of the muscle fibres when producing force, eccentric or lengthening of the muscle fibres when producing force and isometric or no significant change in length of the muscle fibres when producing force. Each can be emphasised differently in your training, ask a member of the team for more info.
  9. What’s better machines or free weights? Ultimately it depends what you want to achieve but if you are new to the gym then using machines can be a great way to build some foundational strength and give you confidence to try more complex free weight exercises. Free weights will always stimulate the muscles better than machines though.
  10. The longer you stop training for then the more adaptions you will lose up until the point where you will completely detrain. Muscle mass and strength can maintain for up to 2-weeks but aerobic abilities will decrease by around 6%. The longer you don’t train for then the more muscle mass, strength and aerobic abilities you will lose. So if you go on holiday for a few weeks I would strongly suggest maintaining some form of training whilst you are away.
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