Squash and Children’s Mental Health Week 2020

How squash can help children’s mental health and self esteem.

From the 3rd – 9th February we are acknowledging Children’s Mental Health Week. With this is mind I wanted to show how Squash is a great way to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing simultaneously increasing self esteem.

Squash is a great sport to encourage mindfulness. This is due to squash being tactical, physical and fun. During a game of squash it is a great way to release negative and stressful energy through the hitting of the squash ball. The noise, the power whilst hitting and the general thought process behind the game is positive for children to enable them to forget any external problems and focus on the here and now with the focus of the game. It is fast, exciting and fun enabling positive re-enforcement during a game and releasing feel good endorphins to make children feel better. It also teaches children the importance of winning and loosing. Allowing the feeling of both and how to deal with loosing and changing the thought process on how to win through a positive environment.

Aside from the mental health benefits, it is also a great social game helping children make new friends and gain physical strengths.

During our Junior sessions here at Sandown, we focus on children having fun and learning new skills. Our sessions encourage children to work as a team and individually. A session is structured to play team games, individual goal setting challenges and matchplay. All of which encourage mindfulness and to crate a positive environment and boost children’s self esteem, all this whilst enjoying the sport!

If you want your son or daughter to learn how to play squash please check our website for more information. Happy Squashing!