What have we done to make your gym safe?

It was a long 4-month wait for us here at Sandown but when we knew we could re-open on the 25th of July we were all hands on deck on getting ready for our opening and we have been busy!

It’s understandable that you might be a bit nervous returning to Sandown but we have put in lots of measures to ensure you are kept safe and can keep coming back with confidence.

Let’s start with the entrance, we have put in place a one-way system for when you enter. Please enter from the ski slop slide, you will find a handy hand sanitizer station at the front door too! Enter the club as normal and you will have your temperature checked on arrival by one of our amazing reception team. Walk through to the gym as normal. On your way out please use the back door that leads you up the slope. If you want to go to the bar after or you need to go back to reception, please walk towards the gents’ toilets and take the doorway on the left (we have put in a handy traffic cone which you can’t miss to remind you).

If you want to take a video tour of the gym, you can watch it right here https://www.instagram.com/p/CDG6__dBnPR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. In the gym, please only enter through the downstairs door. 2 people are permitted in the dumbbell room and 5 in the blue weight room. We have sectioned off specific workout areas in the weight room and upstairs we have blocked off every other piece of equipment. You can see what we have done with the gym equipment here https://www.instagram.com/p/CC3UOvrBcyr. Please exit upstairs via the top door and down the stairs, yes, even if you only use the weight rooms, please exit via upstairs to maintain the one-way system. There is always plenty of cleaning equipment (antibacterial spray, blue roll, antibacterial wipes and hand gel) please remember to clean everything that you use.

If you want to use the gym, you must book into a slot (they run every 2 hours for 1.5 hours to allow for 30 minutes of cleaning at the end). You can arrive at any time during the slot, we just ask that you finish at the end of the session so we can clean the equipment. You can find the gym times on our website here https://sandownsports.co.uk/gym-fitness/class-timetable/.

The Terrace Bar is back open as well so you can enjoy a great pre-workout coffee and post-workout ciabatta refuel. You can find all the information about the Terrace Bars opening times and the help out eat out scheme here https://www.theterracebar.com/. The Terrace Bar follows the club’s one-way system so please exit out of the door at the back of the club.

We are running a reduced timetable for classes with reduced numbers at the moment in line with government regulations. We are constantly looking for ways we can introduce more or better classes. We highly encourage downloading the club link app (APPLE LINK) (Android LINK) and book your classes on there. With the reduced numbers in classes, we are running a first come first serve basis with a limited waiting list.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns then please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can answer them for you.