Skiing birthday treats last for 1 hour on the slope and cover the following aspects:

Safety – tuition – fun

These parties are for active children who enjoy new challenges and learning new sports. All our staff are qualified instructors and safety of the group is the paramount concern.

Maximum of 8 children per party is allowed, all of which must be same standard, E.g. never skied before or having some experience. Groups who have differing skiing standards must request an additional instructor; this must be requested at the time of booking and involves an additional cost. An additional instructor is also needed when more than 8 children attend.

Experienced skiers must be capable of at least 4 linked snowplough turns and be able to use the main slope lift unaided. This is a minimum standard.

It is the responsibility of the party organiser to ensure that those who say they are experienced meet the minimum requirement stated above. We will not allow any person to free ski around the slopes during a party session no matter how proficient they may be. All children must stay with the group and their instructor.

Beginners will start on our nursery slopes learning how to balance on skis, walk with skis on, side stepping up the slope, straight runs and moving onto snowplough.

Experienced skiers will be given games and exercises which suit their standard of skiing.

Children will only be taken onto the main slope if the instructor feels that all in the group are competent and confident.

£170.00 for 8 children £15 per additional £55.00 per additional instructor

Those wishing to bring a picnic can pre-book our picnic areas adjacent to the Nursery Slope or next to the Water Wars arena.

Pizza or lunchbox options are available from our catering department. Click here to see our party food menu.

Please call 01372 467132 Option 3 to book catering.