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These five key exercises will improve your upper body strength and ultimately help you carry yourself through life. They are exercises that will also improve tendon strength and solidify good movement patterns when performed correctly. Strengthening your body and movement is a positive step towards avoiding injury in the future. It cannot be overstated how […]

Proven Ways For Sticking To Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

2020 goals

According to research, most people give up on their New Year goals by the fourth Thursday in January In the week between Christmas and New Year, motivation to realise your fitness resolutions is usually very high. You’ve probably had the date set firmly in sight for some time, seeing it as an ample opportunity to […]

Top 5 Strength Exercises You’ve Never Done

I’m taking a guess that for most of the strength exercises you do in the gym or see online they will be in one direction. Up and down or forwards and backwards. Whether that is squats and deadlifts or bench press and shoulder press you are holding yourself back by only exercising in one direction. […]