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Top 5 Strength Exercises You’ve Never Done

I’m taking a guess that for most of the strength exercises you do in the gym or see online they will be in one direction. Up and down or forwards and backwards. Whether that is squats and deadlifts or bench press and shoulder press you are holding yourself back by only exercising in one direction. […]

How to Decrease Stress Increase Happiness and Become The Best Version of Yourself

How to Decrease Stress, Increase Happiness and Become The Best Version of Yourself These days there seems to be a day or a week in the year for everything, national dog week, national fire safety week, national this and that week. However one we should all take note of and take action on is stress […]

Blueberry banana pancakes healthy edition

Here’s a Sunday morning brunch recipe that’s perfect for both you and the kids! Forget theusual high calorie pancakes (normally followed by a feeling of guilt) and enjoy these guilt-free banana blueberry pancakes – the best thing is they’re super quick and easy to make. Recipe: easyPrep Time: 5 minsCooking Time: 5 minsTotal: 10 mins […]

Why HIIT will change your life

It is a common misconception that steady state training is the best method for fat burning.  Although it is an effective method of getting your heart rate into fat burn zones, it is not the most effective for everyone.  Steady state cardiovascular exercise is where your heart rate stays within 60%-80% of its heart rate […]

MyWellness Bands have now arrived!

The Mywellness bands from Technogym have finally arrived at Sandown Sports! They fasten onto your wrist, and are linked to your mywellness app and profile.You can ‘swipe in’ to various machines through your mywellness band or, or through the mywellness app on your phone; The band offers an alternative if you wish to have a […]