The new Outdoor Gym at Sandown Sports in Esher is now open. We are calling it the Fit Pit. 

Exercise and workout in the fresh air with our new functional frames with climbing ropes, monkey bars, dip bars, weights and pulleys, tractor tyres, free weights, resistance points, fitness sledge and so much more.

Open for members, our new outdoor gym has a mass of fitness and exercise options.  We are also running bespoke fitness classes within the Fit Pit.  

As with the indoor gym, bookable slots will be available to members.  The timetable is available here.  

All of this operates within the newly created enclosed space that provides privacy.

Outdoor Personal Training can also be organised and can now incorporate a whole range of new exercises and techniques.  



Why exercising outdoors is so good for you:

  • The NHS says that training outdoors burns more calories than indoor exercise. 
  • Sunlight equals vitamin D and all the goodies that brings.  Good for health and general well being.
  • Different exercises such as rope climbing, sledging, tyre flipping are all invigorating and trying new exercises creates variety. 
  • Outdoors is fun, at one with nature surrounded by our woods and in the company of others our outdoor fitness classes are proving to be a big success.
  • Safety.  Keeping you safe is our priority and it is now well established that outdoor activity can be safer.  Restrictions are still in place and with plenty of fresh air flowing around and easy social distancing, the Fit Pit is a safe place to train. 


climbing ropes esher
monkey bars

Fit Pit Gym Equipment

The great thing with our functional rig is we can keep adding to it.  Currently we have:

  • Functional rig with multiple attachment points
  • Two 5m climbing ropes (and crash pads!)
  • Monkey bars
  • Dip bars
  • Punch bags
  • Outdoor free weights
  • Fitness Sledge
  • Weights and pulley system