Transform your body, mind and physique in 21 days

21-Day Return to Exercise Programme
Having had some time off from your regular training are you worried about how to safely return to exercise? 
Or perhaps you’ve started exercising more regularly during lockdown and you would like this to continue? Don’t fret – our expert trainers are here to lead the way.
Lockdown may have left you:
  • Feeling sluggish from eating or drinking more
  • Bored of home workouts but unsure on what to do next
  • At a heavier weight than you’d like
  • With a newfound love for exercise which you’d like to learn more about
With our 21-day Return to Exercise Personal Training packages our trainers will guide you through a steady and progressive programme to get you back to your best in no time. And it all starts by you filling in the form on this page.
The programme will include:
  • An initial video call consultation.
  • A choice of 2 or 3 outdoor Personal Training sessions per week.
  • A bespoke workout plan designed to suit your needs and experience.
  • Nutrition advice plus tons of healthy recipes for you to choose from.
  • A clear action plan to help you return to the gym once we re-open.
Our 21-Day programme has limited spaces so apply now before it’s too late! 
Prices start from £237.  Sign up using the form to register interest.