Sometimes it’s rewarding to be part of a team, sometimes training with others is more motivating! Well if that’s what you need to achieve the right results, then you will love our semi-private personal training sessions.

We have chosen to adopt a semi private personal training programme as it helps to achieve the best results possible in a fantastic environment. Working out with others, in a small group (max 3 people) creates an incredibly motivating atmosphere.

You will get levels of support that you have not experienced before coming from people just like you. What better way to lose weight, tone up, and reach higher levels of fitness?

Why do semi private personal training?

If you are reading this, then you are looking to make a lifestyle change. Given our wealth of experience we know we are the right people to help you. People do semi-private personal training for many reasons. For example:

  • Your clothes don’t seem to fit anymore
  • You look in the mirror and want to change what you see
  • You lack confidence
  • You feel tired, slow and lethargic
  • Resent looking at old pictures where you look and think ”‘i looked great there, i want to look like that again”

We are so confident that this is a recipe for success that we offer a 100% results guarantee. You have 12 weeks, get results or get your money back!

You can choose the frequency of your sessions (available 7 days a week!) to slot into any busy schedule. Our expert instructors will host the work out sessions in the gym at Sandown Sports, and you can benefit from the support of others who may be in your group. It’s the perfect time to swap inspirational ideas and help each other along the fitness journey.

Don’t wait any longer, schedule your free health and fitness consultation now!