gym manager

Phoebe has a background in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading, so she understands first hand the discipline required to reach goals, whatever they may be.

She loves experimenting with new fitness trends and exercises, and has a keen interest in weightlifting. Phoebe is not a trainer to underestimate – don’t mistake that smile for a friendly one, it usually means she’s about to up the intensity and push you to your limits!

personal trainer

Antony has always been the “go to” fitness mad friend, and has been offering advice and guidance for as long as he can remember. So why not make a living out of it?! He has a real passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Antony has always loved playing sport and will give anything a go. His main passion lies in rugby. He has played for over 25 years and still has a great love for the game. Antony’s passion for rugby has lead men down any great paths, and it lead him to working with women’s premiership rugby club and several youth teams. Antony is proud to have played rugby at Twickenham and at the old Wembley.

personal trainer

With years experience in Personal Training Alina’s area of expertise include bodybuilding, functional training for fat loss and muscles gain, sculpting and toning and endurance. She thoroughly enjoys leading an active lifestyle.

Alina has overcome many challenges when it comes to getting and staying fit over the years and she has extensive knowledge about exercise, diet, nutrition and its impact on hormonal balance. She cares for the positive way of living, keeping stress under control and radiate beauty from inside out.  

You can always count on Alina for motivation and tips!

personal trainer

For a good all over body workout, look no further than Jonny. He specializes in functional athletic workouts that will not only improve your health, but your day to day lifestyle as well.

Working to define core strength, balance and stability, you will feel like a new person in no time. Jonny often puts together Sandown’s ‘Workout of the week’, so if you’re stuck for ideas, head to our social media pages!