gym manager

Connor has an extensive background in strength and conditioning for sports. He has worked in rugby, tennis and pole vault and is bringing all of his knowledge and experience to the team at Sandown. Connor played rugby in Australia and has a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise science and masters degree in strength and conditioning together with a EXOS Performance Mentorship Programme in Carlsbad, California.

Connor enjoys playing rugby for Chobham Rugby Club and exploring the Surrey Hills.

personal trainer

For a good all over body workout, look no further than Jonny. He specializes in functional athletic workouts that will not only improve your health, but your day to day lifestyle as well.

Working to define core strength, balance and stability, you will feel like a new person in no time. Jonny often puts together Sandown’s ‘Workout of the week’, so if you’re stuck for ideas, head to our social media pages!

personal trainer

Zoe has a background in a wide range of sports, including weightlifting, rowing and netball, as well as being an experienced Personal trainer.

She loves to try new sports and workout methods, giving her a first hand understanding of how difficult it can be starting a new fitness journey.

But watch out, despite her warm and friendly personality, her competitive streak flows strong into every training session and each time she will strive to push you harder than before to hit those targets!