Our prices for adaptive ski lessons are as follows:

Individual Lessons
Non-Member      Member
Dry Slope                               £36                     £26

Private for 2 Lessons
Non-Member        Member
Dry Slope                               £57                     £47

Group Lessons (Stand-up Skiers)

Non-Member              Member
Dry Slope
Group of 3                              £58                     £48
Group of 4                              £69                     £59
Group of 5                              £80                     £70
Group of 6                              £91                     £81
Group of 7                              £102                    £92

To become a member please go through the DSUK bookings line.

Membership gives £10 discount to lessons, 3rd party insurance and also access to retailer discount codes.

Membership is £36 for an adult, £26 for a student or OAP, £21 for under 16s and that lasts for a year. You can either pay for a year or set up a direct debit.

All chaperones / buddies are permitted on to the slopes (incl equipment) free of charge.

Book now by calling DSUK on 0845 521 9338 or email: [email protected]