Sandown Junior Ski Club runs on Saturday mornings and is open for children between 7 and 14 years of age.  It is open to children of all abilities and experience.

We have developed a unique ski programme that follows the Snowlife Award Scheme.  Our programme focuses on development through Levels 1 to 5.  Achievement of the tasks and skills within each level provides an award and entry to the next level with the emphasis firmly  on a fun learning programme.

Children will learn and practice:  

  • Lower body work – Basic technical drills, hands on knees tapping, jumping, running, making sure everyone knows the difference between the inside and outside ski. Lifting the ski across the hill, lifting the ski around the turn and turn shapes.
  • Upper body work –Short swings and a focus on pole plant and keeping the upper body down the hill.
  • Group/pair work – Short swings in pairs, then in quads and then play around with the groups and see who can do it best.
  • Course or parallel slalom – introduction of gated courses   
  • Course inspections and overall body positioning
  • Practicing gated course runs, turning and racing


Beginners: Will learn to ski in a friendly atmosphere with on the spot help and guidance and the support of the group. Once competent these children will automatically be moved onto the next level. Absolute beginners will only be accepted until Saturday 20th October 2018.

Juniors that have skied before can take advantage of our instructor’s experience to perfect their skills and learn new ones prior to their next ski holiday.

Intermediates: The intermediates session is on the 11.00 – 1.00pm main slope, for those who are capable of good plough, parallel turns and wish to improve their skills in readiness for next season. The group is under the tuition and guidance of our instructors.

Advanced or Race Standard Skiers must attend the 8.45 – 10.45am session only.

Saturday Morning Session Times

Session Times* 8.45-10.45am

Main slope Only

(advanced/race training)


All Slopes Open

(beginner – intermediate)

*These times are subject to change when there is Horse racing at Sandown Park Racecourse.

Membership Term Dates & Fees

Term Dates 15th September – 15th December 2018

12th January – 30th March 2019

Term Membership Fee £55.00 per term £100.00 both terms
Session Fee £12.00 per session
Non-Member session Fee £30.00 per session
Personalised Hoodie £25.00 – choice of colour and size, Sandown JSC logo on the front, with child’s name on the back.

Please note the following:

  • Junior Ski Club members have priority booking for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday during office hours.  Payment can be made over the phone
  • Non members can only book on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday within office hours.
  • Non members will receive copies of the rules and regulations which need to be signed by a parent/guardian and this needs to be handed in at reception before the session
  • There will be a ten minute drink break during the session (drinks not provided).
  • All children skiing on any slopes must wear a helmet.
  • The junior ski club is extremely popular and booking in advance is absolutely essential to enable us to allocate the correct number of instructors for the sessions. Children who turn up for a session without booking may be refused admittance onto the slopes if fully booked, so lease pre-book to avoid disappointment!