Open Practice Skiing – Recreational Skiing

If you would like to come along and ski for fun please call us at least one day before to find out times of open practice.   A timetable is not published so please call first to avoid and disappointment.  

You will need to be a competent and experienced skier or snowboarder* and all those of you lucky enough to be 15 or under must bring a parent and/or guardian to sign your waiver.  

Please note, we are unable to operate open practice sessions when there is horse racing at Sandown Park. Please call first to ensure we are open. 

Please click here for Horse Racing Dates

*Please note, we do not hire snowboarding equipment.


Recreational Ski Standards

The standards listed below are the minimum level that must be attained in order to attend open practice sessions. Any persons found on the slopes not to be of minimum standard will be removed from the slope. Refunds will not be given.

All persons attending practice must sign in and state their standard at reception prior to being equipped.


NURSERY SLOPE: Controlled snowplough halt and ability to use the lift unaided.

MAIN/YELLOW SLOPE: 4 controlled, linked snowplough turns and ability to use the lift unaided.

All those using snowblades must be over 1.5 metres tall.

All those using snowblades must have a minimum of one weeks experience on snow to be deemed competent to attend Open Practice.

Remember the bindings on snowblades and snowboards do not release.


NURSERY SLOPE: Controlled sideslip on both heel and toe edges from the top of the slope and ability to use the lift unaided.

MAIN /YELLOW SLOPE: 4 Controlled turns on both edges and ability to use the lift unaided.

Recreational Rules and Regulations

Recreational times are only for competent skiers and snowboarders. These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Skiing and snowboarding are considered to be high-risk sports as they involve an element of personal injury. All participants take part at their own risk.

All persons attending recreational sessions must abide by the following rules. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the slope without refund.

    1. All those attending Recreational Sessions must be of or above the minimum standards listed.
    2. All those attending Recreational Sessions must sign in at reception prior to being equipped.

All person’s 15 years of age or under must be signed in by either a parent or guardian.

    1. Make yourself aware of the STOP buttons on each lift.
    2. Teaching is not permitted on either slope by anyone other than Sandown Ski Centre Staff.
    3. All start ramps are out of bounds during Recreational Sessions.
    4. The Duty Manager/Instructors decision is final.
    5. Those witnessing any accident are required to report all details to the Duty Manager/Instructor.

Prices (all prices include equipment)

1 hr
Adult £15.00
Junior £10.00